Join the challenge and #WePlantForYou

The fight against climate change is a reality, something necessary. It is our duty and our right to contribute our grain of sand to reverse this situation. From Copaiba we are clear, and that is why we actively collaborate with non-profit organizations with part of our profits with the aim of actively reforesting those places devastated by environmental disasters.

And we want you to help us. That you be part of our project. We have only one planet, and we have to give it back a little of what it gives us every day.

The #PlantamosPorTi challenge was born to give a voice to anyone who wants to align with our goal through our products. Copaiba is a brand of quality and design products but very committed. And we know that whoever buys from us is too.

#WePlantForYou in the Ant Challenge

We actively collaborate with ECOLOGI. ECOLOGI is a non-profit environmental association, which aims to reduce the impact of man on the earth, through the planting of trees to reduce the carbon footprint. In this link ECOLOGI.COM you can find more information about the project.

For each product we sell, we plant a tree in your name. You can see that planted tree through the map of planted trees on our official page at ECOLOGI > Copaiba.

It is our desire, it is your will!!

We collaborate, Yes. And we are proud. But we are also proud of your Ecological contribution.

Now you are the #Ant of Copaiba!!

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