Many of us, when listening to organic cotton clothing, already assume, from the outset, that it is better for the skin and for the environment, but there are many of you who ask us what the specific differences are between organic cotton and conventional cotton and why it is organic cotton is more beneficial.

Cotton is a natural material present in our daily lives.

Cotton is a fiber of natural origin that is very present in our homes: the towels with which we dry ourselves, the sheets with which we sleep, the clothes we wear, feminine hygiene products... and we are not aware of everything that is behind conventional cotton cultivation.

According to studies, conventional cotton cultivation uses more than 10% of the pesticides and more than 25% of the insecticides consumed in the world (cotton is the crop that uses the most), all these toxic products are not eliminated at any stage of its process.

What is organic cotton?

Organic cotton originates from organic farming or organic farming, for its production to be considered as such it must be certified by independent bodies following current standards and provisions. The objective of organic agriculture is to make optimal and sustainable use of local natural resources, not allowing the use of external inputs such as chemical fertilizers, herbicides, synthetic pesticides, and genetically modified seeds, although external inputs that are ecological can be used.

How is organic cotton grown? natural practices such as crop rotation or animal manures are used instead of artificial fertilizers. Pest control is through 100% biological methods such as native or insects. And organic cotton is harvested by hand to avoid defoliants such as those used in conventional cotton, since when harvested by machine, the plantation has to be sprayed with chemical herbicides so that the leaves fall before harvesting.

In order for organic cotton clothing to guarantee the absence of chemical products that are harmful to health and the environment, it is not enough for cotton to be grown organically, but rather that no chemical dyes or bleaches are used in the transformation of cotton into yarn.

Why is it important that organic cotton is certified?

Organic cotton certified by independent entities guarantees the traceability of the production process. The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification is one of the strictest for organic cotton, this standard ensures that a textile product with the GOTS "organic grade" label contains at least 95% certified organic fibers, while one with the "made with organic material" label must contain no less than 70% certified organic fibers.

This standard has to meet strict requirements and conditions: organic fiber production requirements, environmental requirements, minimum social criteria (decent work) and certain technical quality parameters. A final product must go through a GOTS assurance system throughout the process chain (post-harvest handling), manufacturing (preparation, packaging and labeling) and marketing (importers, exporters and wholesalers), so that it can be labeled as GOTS certified. .

When buying 100% organic cotton Fresk baby clothes in Ecological Childcare, we guarantee maximum reliability in our textile products since they are endorsed by the international seal of global organic textile standards GOTS.

Advantages of organic cotton clothing compared to conventional cotton clothing!

Buying organic cotton clothing avoids exposing the skin to toxic substances, reducing the possibility of allergic reactions. Organic cotton clothing benefits the delicate skin that requires more special care. In addition to avoiding exposing toxic substances, organic cotton provides them with more softness in direct contact with your skin. It is highly recommended for atopic dermatitis or eczema or irritation problems.

Buying organic cotton clothing contributes to improving the quality of life of the people who work in these crops, since it ensures decent working conditions and health by not being exposed to inhalation and contact with highly toxic products.

Buying organic cotton clothing helps to reduce the environmental impact compared to that generated by conventional cotton because by not using insecticides and pesticides it does not cause problems of contamination of the soil, air and water.

At Copaiba we bet on the multiple advantages of organic cotton clothing out of respect for our health, our planet and our workers!

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