Ecological t-shirts by Copaiba:

Commitment, quality and sustainability at your fingertips.

Organic cotton, RPET, tencel, bamboo, natural and sustainable fabrics with which all the garments that you can find in our catalog are made. We only work with certified textiles in which you can find quality, ecology and sustainability.

All our garments have certificates and seals of ethical trade .

In each product sheet you can find the traceability of the garment as well as its corresponding certificate and seals.

Textile certificates

There are 2 types of standards , those that certify raw materials of plant or animal origin such as cotton, wool, hemp, among others, and those that are certified under the EU regulation, the same standard for organic food.

The other standard has to do with the products that are manufactured with these raw materials and that follow sustainable production criteria , such as the substances used in manufacturing, dyes, product traceability, packaging, transportation, policy environmental and labor policy.


The main standard in the world for organic textile certification is currently GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

International standard created by members of the textile industry and other organizations, which has the collaboration of IFOAM (International Federation of Ecological Agriculture Movements) to agree on harmonized criteria that could be applied worldwide.
The standard covers the processing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, marketing and distribution of textile products.
A textile product with the GOTs label grade “organic” must contain at least 95% certified organic fibers while those with the label “made with organic material” must contain no less than 70% certified organic fibers.


Textile Exchange – Organic Content Standard .

The Organic Content Standard (OCS) is based on verification, done by a third party, to verify that a final product contains the exact amount of a certain organically grown material. It does not address the use of chemicals or any social or environmental aspects of production beyond the integrity of the organic material. The OCS uses the chain of custody requirements of the Content Claim Standard (CCS).

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