All our sunglasses are made with polarized glass

And these are its 10 advantages:

1. Glare-free vision

2. Superior sharpness and contrast

3. Total protection against UV rays

4. Colors that look more natural

5. Reduces eye fatigue and improves the ability to concentrate behind the wheel

6. Light and resistant lenses that provide more comfort and safety

7. Suitable for people with high sensitivity to light

8. There are with and without graduation: progressive lenses

9. Can be manufactured in combination with other features, such as: photochromic and polarized lenses, for example: Serengeti sunglasses

10. Also ideal for children due to its combination of protection and superior vision

Polarized lenses and driving

One of the greatest advantages of polarized sunglasses is that they are one more element of driving safety: like ABS, the brake assistant or the seat belt, with the difference that it has an accident-preventive effect. Seeing better behind the wheel translates into:

  • Less tired
  • Greater ability to concentrate
  • Greater ability to stay ahead of changing traffic conditions
  • shorter reaction time
  • Shorter braking distance: up to 7 meters driving at 80 km/h

On the other hand, keep in mind that wearing polarized sunglasses can prevent the HUD (Heads Up Display) screens used by some cars from being read correctly, since these lenses prevent reflections from reaching the windshield. It can also make it difficult to read browser or console screens.

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