Copaiba Sowlife


It is a project that was born as a response to the ENVIRONMENTAL CRISIS that is plaguing the planet.


Motivated by this, in Copaiba WE FACE climate change, that is why we create ecological and biodegradable products. And we actively collaborate with those who carry out PSOSITVAS ACTIONS for the environment


Copaiba is commitment, with the purchase of our products, YOU SOW LIFE


Copaiba works thinking about a better future, for our Planet, our Family and our Children


We are committed and for this reason we work hand in hand with the Plant for the Planet organization, we allocate a part of the profits to reforestation.


With the purchase of each product, we plant 5 trees


In addition, we collaborate in the REFORESTATION of affected areas in:






Why did we choose the name Copaiba?


It comes from the Tupí - Guaraní language of the indigenous tribes of the Amazon and means "the tree of the ant". For these tribes it is a very special tree and is considered a fundamental part of the Amazon, the lung of the planet. Our brand is born from its inspiration and our desire to pay homage to this natural wonder.


Copaiba and the Ant


The ant is one of the beings that inhabit the Copaiba and other trees in the Amazon. Their agricultural work on the land helps the growth of these trees. The ant represents Copaiba's philosophy, as a symbol of teamwork, collaboration and ecological contribution. 50 million years ago, ants already practiced sustainable agriculture and this has led them to become one of the most successful social insects in nature. For this reason, we want to be small collaborators, little ants that, contributing together, will help change the planet by contributing our grain of sand.


We are all the Ant!