What is sustainable fashion?

What is sustainable fashion?

When talking about sustainable fashion, eco-labelling usually comes to the fore, production in remote factories with associated controversy but with great efforts to resolve and increasingly natural fabrics free of toxic products. Fortunately, this perception is confirmed throughout the world thanks to the expansion of international firms and young entrepreneurs who are giving the concept of sustainable fashion a new twist.

The foundations of the sustainable fashion business model include the conservation of natural resources, the low ecological impact of the materials used - which must be capable of subsequently joining the recycling chain -, the reduction of the footprint of carbon and respect for the economic and labor conditions of the workers who have participated from the raw material to the point of sale.

There are already many renowned designers, models and celebrities in the catwalk world who claim sustainable fashion. Among them are Lucy Tammam, Stella McCartney, Frock Los Angeles, Amour Vert, Edun, Stewart+Brown, Shalom Harlow or Summer Rayne Oakes.

Little by little, sustainable fashion is finding its space within the industry. Contests, festivals, courses, insertion programs are held, specialized information in blogs, etc., has also grown.

For example, the recently completed Portland Fashion Week in the United States only accommodates 100% eco-friendly designs. In the Spanish capital, The Circular Project Shop opened its doors this year to try to gain a foothold in the competitive Madrid fashion showcase by offering sustainable garments. The Conference on Sustainable Fashion has also been held in Madrid for four years.

In Argentina, the company Verde Textil offers products with Zero Environmental Impact and 100% Social Commitment, also for sale online.

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